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Welcome to Kingfisher Pool, Warwick
A Unique Facility for the Young and Disabled

Please click on the picture to see an introductory video

Fish in the Pool

Recently the Environment Agency netted the pool

We wanted to get an idea about the stocking levels

The netting revealed that there was a very good head of roach and rudd, with some good sized fish

Skimmer bream were also in good numbers and a few larger bream were netted

No Crucians were netted and very few tench which was surprising

Perch of all sizes were pleasing

However 20 pike were caught with about 17 weighing between 5lb to 15lb

These were relocated to the river. It was thought that that there might be 30 pike still in the pool

This kind of netting catches between 20 and 40 percent of the fish in the pool

It shows how well the JAC is regarded by the fact that this is the only netting undertaken this year






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